8 Harmful Foods You Dont Want To Eat

The term harmful food describes food that lead to obesity. These are high calorie foods or dangerous to health.


  • Food in McDonalds – certainly at the end of each working day or during the lunch break there is nothing more delicious than a burger at McDonalds, but the fat from it is piling on the thighs and abdomen.


  • Doner – these Arab delicious cuisine is really wonderful, but only one doner contains calories and fat to satisfy your all-day need of energy, and yet you ate only one doner so far. Moreover, there are extremely disturbing reports of people poisoned after consuming Arab snacks recently. Media reports speak of dubious origin of the meat and wrong ingredients of the sauce.


  • Cake – many people get tempted no matter how long and how hard they have complied with strict diet so far. A piece of cake is a calorie bomb. It has more carbohydrates than any other food.


  • Pasta – when talking about junk food we should mention macaroni and spaghetti. On one hand they are pure chemistry and are proven as harmful to the human body. When it comes to diet they are also not recommended, as they contain a huge amount of carbohydrates.


  • Jellybeans – these products were the undisputed hit on the market in the past. Today their consumption falls, which is very good news because the main ingredients of these products are sugar, chemical constituents, different stabilizers and colorants.


  • Chips – this is considered as one of the most harmful foods.


  • Sausages – the danger of these products comes from the fact that they contain the so called hidden fat that people can not feel due to their excellent masking with colors and flavors.


  • Salt – this crystal spice adds flavor to the food. We are so much accustomed to the taste of salt, that without it we don’t like our meals. Salt is extremely damaging for many systems and organs in the human body. For patients with high blood pressure or heart problems, doctors recommend the salt is removed from the diet. Recent studies have shown that excessive use of salt damages the eyes.

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