Counting Calories Is Pointless

This is often one amongst several myths I’d like to steer folks away from, as calorie count typically results in frustration, disappointment and a sense of failure.

Beside the fact that there is no universal number for how many calories you should consume on a daily basis (everyone’s body is different from each others so you really should have a fitness plan customized to you) here’s why it is pointless to count calories:

Can you estimate accurately how much a piece of steak weighs? If you eat a “serving” of food, can you tell how many calories a “serving” really contains? It is impractical to try to count calories accurately by guessing based on the size of your meal. Nutrition labels are consistently inaccurate.

It is depressing to realize after working out so hard to hit a specific calorie goal your doctor gave you, your actual calories may be up to 20% off.  You’ll be stunned by what you put in your mouth day after day. Attempting to use nutrient facts to base your calorie intake on leads to an enormous guess.

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