Top Sports To Burn Calories

Sport is one of the main methods for weight loss. Combined with proper diet, even a relatively light workout will do wonders for your body. Now we are going to show you the most popular ports for losing weight.

Karate, boxing, kick – boxing and wrestling

Although these four sports are not for everyone’s taste you have nothing to fear to use them for weight loss. It is not necessarily to wear gloves and to beat opponents on the ring. Just the high intensity during practice is very suitable for burning excess fat. These sports will help you form a nice body that everyone will envy.

Average consumption of calories per hour  500 – 1200 (depending on the load and actions)

  • Jogging

Jogging is one of the modern means of maintaining good form. Running will tone the whole body and will fill the cells with oxygen and as a result, you will feel stronger.

Average consumption of calories per hour  600-800

  • Bodybuilding and fitness

Each quality weight loss program incorporates exercises with weights. Rods are among the biggest enemies of fat and burn them mercilessly with tremendous speed. Some of you may have concerns that their muscles will become huge – do not worry, this will not happen. Making huge biceps needs not only training, but certain foods in certain quantities. If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask one of the experienced fitness instructors – they will show you what you need.

Average consumption of calories per hour  400-800

  • Swimming

Wonderful sport, especially during the hot summer season. It develops the muscles complexly, increases the body’s immunity, and is a great tool for weight loss. While swimming, you use the whole body – back, chest, arms and legs.

Average consumption of calories per hour  500-800

  • Cycling

It is a perfect weight loss method in all seasons. Nothing is more pleasant than a long bicycle tour around your city. Drive without hurry and follow traffic regulations.

Average consumption of calories per hour  450-500

These sports are not the only ones that help in weight loss. You can use others too, even an intense walk in the park makes an excellent job. Remember to keep moving.

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