Women Gain More Weight Than Men When Drinking Soda

A new study by the American Heart Diseases Association found that women are more vulnerable than men to the effects of having carbonated drinks. The women who drink daily soda pile weight in the waist quickly, they also have higher levels of triglycerides (harmful fatty acids, which can cause heart disease), a higher blood sugar, and lower levels of the “good” cholesterol.

Because of the regular usage of these drinks our organism can absorb nutrients harder. Also, the drinks in plastic bottles are even more harmful.  When you have one sugary drink, your pancreas starts at high speed to produce insulin because it reacts to sugar, which is trapped in the body.  As a result, the level of sugar increases sharply.

Here’s what happens when you drink a sweet carbonated beverage: Twenty minutes later, your blood sugar reaches high levels and your liver responds to this by turning sugar into fat. There are many other drinks that are not that harmful and we should use them instead.

Carbonated drinks, even dietetic, are not useful for the organism. Here are some reasons why you should avoid them.

  • Soda Leads To Obesity

Several studies have found that people, who regularly have carbonated drinks, have a greater circumference of the waist and abdominal fat. Dr. Michael Royzen explains that consumption of sugary carbonated drinks, even of the dietetic ones, opens the appetite for more sweets, which logically leads to increased sugar intake and accumulation of excess calories.

  • Disease Risk

The accumulation of fat in the abdomen increases the risk of cardiovascular problems and developing a type of diabetes. A new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine further that soft drinks increase the risk of stroke.

  • Harmful For Teeth

Yes, mothers are right when they tell their children that soda will damage their teeth. The problem here is not so much the excess sugar as in the high acid content of the drinks. They have phosphoric, malic, citric and tartaric acid which destroys tooth note. Those acids have a deleterious impact on the bone system.

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