Yoga Exercises To Combat Back Pain

Many of us have this pain only because we practice sitting jobs, or just spend a lot of time on the computer. Others simply have fatigue, stress or some other pressure. If this is the case, yoga will help to relieve pain and can do the asanas with no problems.

However, if you have a more serious problem such as a herniated disc, infection, inflammation, trauma and other serious injuries of the spine, it is good to practice only in the presence of an yoga expert.

One of the most valuable exercises that kill pain and fatigue in the back is called. “cat back” or “cat curves .”

Stand on your knees. Inhale and stretch your head up. Twist down the waist.

Exhale, bend your head and arch your back in the opposite direction. Make at least ten repetitions.

Lie on your back to proceed with the curves that make your spine more flexible. Bend your knees. Stretch your arms to sides, palms facing the floor.

Inhale when knees show ceiling and when exhale, tilt them on the right to the floor and head should be on the left. Now repeat on the other direction. It is important to synchronize breathing, knees and head are in different directions, and if you are experiencing pain, you should tilt slower and only as much as you can. Do this exercise at your own pace and enjoy the curves.

Moving on to the “fetus” pose. Again lying on the floor, hug your knees inhaling slowly and approach the head toward them. Exhale and hold your legs, move the head back to the floor. Repeat ten times.

Now put both legs in front of your chest and swing back and forth several times. This will make a nice back massage. After the last swing you can sit.

When sitting, make curves from a sitting position. Leaning on the arms, bend your legs and drop them slowly into one and then in the other direction. During the movement, release the pelvis off the ground.

You can perform the exercises every night before bed, or on your lunch break if you have nice conditions.

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